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Privately Practicing Midwife

It is truly a privilege to be a midwife and share in the sacred journey of a family welcoming their baby into the world. 


I find it an honour to bring my personalised warmth and tenderness to families to support them to have a safe and empowering journey that is their own.


I birthed both my children at home. These experiences deepened my passion for homebirth and the benefits of having a trusted care provider as well as being in control of your birthing environment.


I have been a midwife since 2008 and attending homebirths since 2011.

For 8 years of my career I worked with Aboriginal families in the Northern Rivers, providing holistic antenatal and postnatal care in the community.

In 2012, I volunteered in the Solomon Islands. This amazing yet challenging experience made me truly appreciate the maternity care choices and high standard of care we have in Australia.

Pregnant Woman in Nature
Daughter Kissing Pregnant Mom


Having a baby is such a profound time. Choosing to birth at home, with a trusted midwife is a proven safe and satisfying choice.


I live in Dunoon (20 minutes north of Lismore) and offer services in the Northern Rivers area. 

If you live within 30 minutes of Dunoon you can choose to have you pregnancy appointments at home or in my clinic space in Lismore. If you are more than 30 minutes from Dunoon pregnancy appointments will be in my Lismore clinic space.

All postnatal visits are home visits.


Pregnancy care


During these visits:

⭐️ We will get to know each other and build a relationship based on trust 

⭐️ I will provide well-being checks on you and your baby

⭐️ I will order blood tests and ultrasounds as required

⭐️ We will share information to support you to make informed decisions about your pregnancy, labour, birth and newborn care

⭐️Together we will plan for your labour, birth and time with your newborn.


We can decide together how many appointments you have, it differs depending on how far into your pregnancy you are when we meet, how long your pregnancy goes for and what your individual needs are.


Labour and birth care


As your chosen trusted midwife I will be on call for you 24/7. 

I will come to you in labour when you would like me to and follow your previously discussed desires and wishes for monitoring your’s and your baby’s wellbeing throughout.

I bring with me monitoring equipment as well as emergency medication and equipment.

There will also be a second midwife present for the birth, who ideally you will have met previously.

I stay with you throughout the labour and birth and for a few hours after the birth, until you and bub are fed and stable and ready to snuggle into bed together!


Postnatal care


Home visits to you and your baby can be as frequent as you like. Daily visits initially are recommended for wellbeing checks for you and baby, breastfeeding support, screening tests if accepted and newborn assessment.

Visits continue up to 6 weeks.




Total cost

$5000 if you live less than 45 minutes drive from Dunoon

$5500 if you live more than 45 minutes to one hour drive from Dunoon

$6000 if you live more than one hour drive from Dunoon

Payable before 37 weeks gestation.

Initial appointment fee $150, included in total cost.


Pregnancy and postnatal appointments are bulk-billed, to make your homebirth more affordable.

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